Community Savings:

Serving a global gaming community since 2013

In 2013 Kinguin changed gaming by introducing the first marketplace where gamers could sell their cd-keys. The secondary market for digital games and goods was born, a market that just five years later is projected to surpass annual turnover of one billion dollars.


Kinguin changes the game. Again.

ICO will start in..

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..on March 30th 2018

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Sign up for the Pre-ICO

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350 employees worldwide

INCL. 60 developers and 100+ support staff


6,5 million


million annual

Our Story

  • 2013 comes online, the first marketplace for gamers with extra CD-keys

    End of Year

    2 million monthly visitors , $3.5 million in turnover

  • 2014

    International Expansion

    End of Year

    $22 million in turnover

  • 2015

    Team Kinguin is formed

    End of Year

    International sales represent 90%

  • 2016

    Kinguin global support team grows to 100 people

    End of Year

    4 million customers, 4000 active merchants

  • 2017

    Team Kinguin Performance Center in Warsaw is initiated. Expected launch in 2018

    End of Year

    Combined community savings of $150 million on


A new generation of gamers and value creators are failing to monetize their biggest passion.

We believe that the global gaming community is underserved by current technology and trade options; which in turn negatively impacts value creation for millions of gamers.

We are witnessing rapid innovation in free-to-play mechanics and monetization design. Unfortunately, we are not seeing as much innovation for gamers to be able to share in the value creation.


A decentralized marketplace for digital games, items and services, enabling global player-to-player trade empowered by blockchain and smart contracts.

A cryptocurrency for a new generation of online players looking to monetize their game, enabling a global gaming community to profit from the buildout and adoption of a decentralized economy.

Why now

  • Kinguin is ready

    Our company was founded on the belief that gamers should be able to freely trade their digital property. We share this belief with a global community of six million gamers: by the end of 2017 our customers will have saved more than $210 million dollars on digital games and in-game items. Now it’s time to evolve the platform to the next generation.

  • The interface is ready

    Simply put: trade doesn’t have to be boring, tedious or complex. We began work on chat bots more than a year ago and have since served thousands of customers through conversational technology - recording a groundbreaking 96% customer support satisfaction rate. It’s time to simply revolutionize trade.

  • The trade is ready

    A user-friendly system allows anyone to setup a trade channel and start earning money on digital products. Our trade bots will extend deep into the community, facilitating trade on social media platforms, where it will feel as a natural part of any gamer’s lifestyle.

  • The technology is ready

    Technology has now reached the point where global trade between gamers can be easy, secure and nearly instant - thanks to blockchain and smart contracts. In just five years, the annual secondary market for digital games has gone from zero to one billion dollars. As new technologies gradually eliminate mistrust from the value chain, we believe the global market for player-to-player trade will dramatically increase

  • The market is ready

    Online gamers naturally embrace every aspect of digital value creation, micro-transactions and monetization of virtual goods is their game. Our new marketplace will open entirely new revenue streams for the best players, value creators and influencers - allowing them to monetize a much bigger part of the value creation in gaming

  • The community is ready

    As gaming transitions to a community experience, so should the marketplace of the future. As Kinguin transitions to the blockchain and smart contracts, we’re launching a new micro-service-industry for the global gaming community.

Market size

1 Customer

Since 2013 we’ve built our business on serving one customer: The Gamer

Technically we’ve had more than six million customers, but we’ve worked hard to not get blinded by numbers or scale. We see the games market very similarly: Technically there are billions of people in the world who play games.

A number so high that it doesn’t really mean anything, so we focus on making just one of them happy: The Gamer


  • Q3 2017
    Project Start
  • Q3 2017

    Annoucement at PGA to Kinguin Merchants

  • Q4 2017

    Krowns offered to strategic partners, community members and investors

  • Q1 2018

    Krowns ICO opens for public

  • Q1 2018

    Krowns ICO closes

  • Q2 2018

    Kinguin transition period begins, all trade ($100 million dollars annually) on old tech platform moved to Krowns within two years.

  • Q2 2018

    Marketing program begins: Donation/support for content creators, streamers and players in the gaming community.

  • Q2 2020

    Old Kinguin platform decommissioned, trade exclusively takes place in Krowns.

Use of funds / Token Distribution

Use of funds 2017 - 2020
  • 30% Development
  • 25% Marketing
  • 20% Administrative costs
  • 15% Operational reserve
  • 10% Legal procedures
Token distribution 2018
  • 40% Marketstorage / reserve
  • 30% Token Sale
  • 10% Partners / Advisors
  • 10% Team bonus
  • 10% Client bonuses

Turnover projections

Over a two year period, we will transition the existing marketplace to the new platform. Even if assume zero growth in our business (very unlikely), that’s a $100 million dollars annually that will further add value to

$300m $225m $150m $75m $0m
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019


The token is represented by Krowns, which is the exclusive currency used on our marketplace. Krowns is a cryptocurrency specifically designed for trade and value exchange in the global gaming community.

Use of Krowns:
  • All transactions on all sales of digital games, in-game items and services will require Krowns.
  • Krowns will be used for buying extra merchant services, everything from premium marketing spots to targeted sales campaigns.
  • Further functionality will be announced as we get closer to ICO Phase I, due to competitive reasons.

The number of tokens will be strictly limited, exclusively offered to the public in two token rounds both scheduled for Q1 2018.

Token distribution Phase 1

Invite only

Q4 2017

Token distribution Phase 2


Round 1: Q1 2018

Round 2: Q1 2018


Viktor Wanli Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and visionary for gaming and the eSport ecosystem since 2007

Founder of, a leading gaming marketplace platform with 6 million users and $100MM in turnover on a yearly basis

CEO of Team Kinguin SA, the number one eSport organization in Poland

CEO of Kinguin Franchising Systems a company created with the purpose to establish eSport hubs around the world.

NASHAT WANLY Chief Technology Officer

Entrepreneurial-spirited and pioneering technologist with 18+ years of international experience implementing technologies.

Previous companies include VMware and Sciant.

8+ years experience in virtualization

Kim Rom Chief Gaming Officer

20+ years of experience in gaming and esports

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Steelseries, VP of Esports at CBS Interactive

Co-author of several patents related to gaming and player performance

Most ginger on team


John Lee

John Lee is Executive Chairman Asia for ESL, the largest eSports league in the world. In addition to his duties at ESL, he is a strategic advisor to MTGx portfolio companies for the Asia markets, and has co-founded several venture backed eSports and gaming companies.

Prior to his career in eSports, John was with the gaming companies Gigamedia Limited and NCsoft, as well as earlier in his career, worked at Softbank Venture Capital and McKinsey & Company.

Jens Hilgers

Jens is a Founding Partner of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, the worlds first dedicated esports investment fund. He is also Co-founder and Chairman of Esports team G2 Esports as well as Co-Founder and CEO of the leading big data compAny in Esports DOJO madness.

Widely considered one of the Godfather of esports Jens started his first Esports services in 1997 and founded ESL in 2000. As CEO for ten years, Jens grew ESL into the world's most prestigious esports brand and, along with it, paved the way for esports to go mainstream.

In 2015, international entertainment company, MTG, acquired a majority stake in ESL, marking the first acquisition of an esports company by a traditional media organization. Since 2013, Jens has actively invested in startups with a visible focus on esports.


A mathematician and Financier, Elie is Chief Investments Officer of the Eastmore Group, a hedge fund with offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. He received a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and a Masters in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Elie is an experienced crypto investor and influencer, as well as financial advisor to Bancor, a project that raised $153mm in an ICO in June 2017 - the biggest ever at the time. Furthermore an active investor in multiple esports companies and sits on the board of O'Gaming, the largest french language stream platform on Twitch.

Callum Laing

Partner at Unity Group Private Equity and High Commissioner for the World Business Angel Forum in Singapore. Callum is a New Zealander who has started, built, bought and sold half a dozen businesses in a range of industries across two continents. He is a director of multiple companies and is co­founder of The Marketing Group PLC, listed in Europe. Callum sits on multiple Boards of listed and private companies. He is the author of two best selling books; 'Progressive Partnerships - The FUTURE of business' and 'Agglomerate - Idea to IPO in 12 months'. Widely published he is regularly invited to speak at conferences and on television around the world. Callum has been based in Asia for nearly 20 years with the last 6 of those in Singapore where he resides with his young family.

Joe Zhou

Joe is the CEO & Co-Founder at FirstBlood, a blockchain based Esports competition platform and also one of the first companies who successfully raised funding through Ethereum blockchain.

Prior to FirstBlood, he was the Founder & CEO at Alt-Options, the first Bitcoin options trading platform based in the US. In addition, Joe is also an avid investor and advisor in blockchain space. He's a partner at NewBlock Capital - an investment fund that focuses in FinTech and Blockchain -- and a chartered anti-money laundering specialist (ACAMS).

Pierre Maarek

Currently head of the Equity Derivatives activities of Exane America.

With 15 years in the industry working for the biggest players (JP Morgan in London, Natixis in Paris and now Exane in New York), he will bring his deep knowledge of the financial industry and his extensive network.

Stephen A. Crystal

Stephen is an attorney and investor focusing on gaming and eSports.

He has spent twenty-five years directly involved in all aspects of the casino and gaming technology industry as well as I Gaming and eSports worldwide – as an attorney representing public and private gaming companies before various state regulatory bodies and jurisdictions, as a President and CEO of numerous casino holding and public gaming technology companies employing thousands of employees, and as an investor and advisor on over $2 Billion dollars of project finance and mergers and acquisitions in the casino/gaming technology/I Gaming/eSports and energy and utility spaces.




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