That everyone should have
access to great gaming experiences...

...and we can help achieve this by building platforms,
services and locations that support the free economy
and personal rights of gamers


Over 10 million customers enjoyed more than $200m in savings on video games since 2013

  • 10M registered users
  • 60M annual unique visitors
  • 10.000+ transactions daily
  • 64 Net Promoter Score
  • 8%+ conversion rate
  • 2M social followers
  • Proprietary ecommerce and AI supported technology
  • IFRS compliant audits
  • $3.5m EBITDA 2019
  • $6.5m Pro-Forma EBITDA 2020


We contribute substantially to the global Esports ecosystem since 2015

  • First and most visited B2B Esports training facility worldwide (FaZe, Vitality, 100 Thieves, OG RedBull)
  •  35% of Marketplace transactions are Esports related content
  • Opening first B2C Esports facility in March 2020 (delayed by COVID 19)
  • Franchising 50 more Esports locations by 2023



Kinguin growth efforts are focused on increasing the Customer base and Revenue

  • B2C: Additional Services and Products, 1st Party content & Subscription Based Revenue Model
  • B2B: Additional Merchant Services & Franchise Esports Facilities
  • M&A: 2 identified opportunities


Since the world has been affected with COVID 19 breakout Kinguin has experienced a substantial surge in website traffic, revenues and operational profit. 

We have made sure that we do contribute back to the communities affected by COVID 19 outbreaks. The first initiative we are happy to announce its backing is YANA.GG, initiated by gaming and Esports industries leaders in the UK.

Seven professional bootcamp rooms with top equipment, fibre internet (with back up) and DDOS protection
24 comfy rooms with PS4 and Netflix inside
Professional kitchen and friendly chef.
Players tavern and 2 more spaces for analytical meetings
Chillout space for lovely evenings or group brainstorming


Founded his first company in in 2003.
Esports tournament organizer and Esports Team.
Entered Ecommerce in 2008 by selling on EBAY and launched Kinguin in 2013.
Advertising and Telecoms background. Happily married and with three children
A 20 year multinational veteran in corporate, NGO and public sector.
Transformation Head at CITI Group, Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
Graduated from George Washington University - Business School and Warsaw University - Economics.
Established Kinguin Customer Service and Fraud Services as exemplary model within the industry.
Achievements include 64 Net Promoter Score and lowest industry fraud at 0.25%.
Post graduate of GSWH in Human Resource Management.
Joined Kinguin in 2013. Headed Italian operations, followed by Influencer and Esports campaigns.
Appointed CMO in 2019.
Passionate about the customer, data, AI and marketing automations.
12+ years of professional IT experience.
Increased Development velocity by 400% in 1 year as CTO and successfully lowered IT infrastructure costs by 50%.
Passionate about Agile, DevOps and OKRs culture.
20 years experience in pre-paid industry.
Navigated M&As and headed multinational teams in Europe and South-East Asia.
Member of CIMA since 2011.


about kinguin

Find out how we attracted 10 million customers and became globally recognized brand.

ninja krowns (njk)

Why Kinguin introduced a FREE virtual currency to the community to encourage higher engagement and loyalty.

Kinguin has conducted an ICO in 2018 and introduced its cryptocurrency KROWNS (KRS)

Currently we are reviewing our blockchain strategy. Stay tuned!