Kinguin joins the Night of Innovation

Kinguin joins the Night of Innovation


On the 9th of October Kinguin took part in a Polish-wide event: Night of Innovations, a part of the Digital Festival. Kinguin Esports Performance Center was open for 4 hours for everyone, between 18:00 – 22:00, and there were several guests who visited us that day. The visitors were able to see the bootcamps, streaming room, gym and the leisure zone, during the 4 rounds of tour guides organized by our employees.

What is the Night of Innovation?

The Night of Innovation is a magnet for the best Polish innovators and entrepreneurs. It is organized once per year by the Digital Poland Foundation. By using active forms of operation of technology parks, universities, companies and incubators, the organizer is combining theory with practice and shows the world of new technologies up close. Among the partners of the Night of Innovation in 2021 there were NokiaSAP or Microsoft.

Why Kinguin Esports Performance Center?

Kinguin Esports Performance Center (EPC) is the most professional and advanced esports training facility in Europe. The EPC, which is based in Warsaw, is the first professional training facility for esports organisations in Europe and provides teams with access to training and analyst rooms, psychologists and physiotherapists, professional chefs and gym facilities.


Bootcamp 1 Bootcamp 3


As one of the most advanced esports training centers in Europe, the Kinguin Esports Performance Center spans 21,000 square feet and boasts four training rooms (two with analyst capabilities), a conference room, 21 players’ rooms to house 26 players, two kitchens, a players’ lounge, gym, dining room, and chill-out zone. The Kinguin Esports Performance Center provides comprehensive solutions for teams looking for the ultimate location to hone their abilities.

From the beginning of last year EPC was used by world-leading esports organizations, such as OG, FaZe Clan, Team Vitality, MiBR, Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, Furia and many others. Esports teams enjoy EPC due to several reasons, like localization (center of Europe), distance to airport (1km), modern equipment, super stable internet connection and of course hotel base with leisure zone and gym. They enjoy the atmosphere in EPC and all the activities organized by Kinguin. You can see the latest video blog presented by FaZe Clan from their recent bootcamp in Warsaw:


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Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling

Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling announces first ever live event in Poland


  • The Prime Time Wrestling gala, sponsored by Kinguin, will feature global wrestling stars such as Santino MarellaNick AldisChris Masters and Joe E. Legend.
  • To celebrate the occasion, Kinguin will be selling limited edition NFT collectible items of participating wrestlers on their website 
  • The event will be broadcast for free on TVP Sport online platforms, Twitch, and local Polish TV channels.


Prime Time Wrestling has today revealed details of its inaugural Polish event – Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #1 Revolucja gala. Wrestling fans who tune into the event will be treated to multiple high octane fights, featuring wrestlers from all over the world. Fans can also attend live with ticket prices starting at 50 PLN, with tickets available to purchase online.

Prime Time Wrestling (PTW) was founded by Arkadiusz Pan Pawłowski and Marcin “Rzeźnik” Rzeźniczektwo industry veterans that have a wealth of collective experience in the sports entertainment industry. The pair have now pooled their collective knowledge and will partner with Kinguin to produce one of the most spectacular wrestling gala’s in Europe.

The event features a long-list of international and local wrestling superstars, including the globally recognized wrestler Santino Marella, who featured in the WWE wrestling universe from 2005-2016 winning multiple championship belts during his career. He will be joined by other wrestling stars such as Nick AldisChris Masters and Joe E. Legend alongside a huge roster of Prime Time Wrestlers. The show will feature several high profile matches between the gladiators, bringing high energy stunts and adrenaline-fueled clashes to viewers across the world. There will also be a contract signing ceremony ahead of the show on the 8th of October, featuring key personalities taking part in the event; expect trash talk, drama and table flips as the wrestlers gear up for the one of the first live wrestling events in Poland.

Kinguin was announced as the title sponsor for the gala last week, and together with the founders are commemorating the event with unique NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) collectible items. There will be four tiers of Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #1 Revolucja gala NFTs available to purchase on the Kinguin marketplace – Legendary, Gold, Silver and Rare – and each NFT will feature pictures and videos of wrestlers, hosts and celebrities involved in the gala. All NFTs will also be part of a particular product series and edition, with first edition cards representing the most limited NFT available.

All NFTs will be minted in the form of static, collectible cards but will also feature animated versions that highlight some of the best wrestling moments of the gala. Expect to see aerial stunts, elbow drops and a variety of finishing moves all immortalized in these one-of-a-kind collectibles.

You can find out more about Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling and these unique NFT collectibles here.

Arkadiusz Pan Pawłowski, Founder of Prime Time Wrestling said: We’re proud to be producing such a revolutionary event, showcasing some of the very best international wrestling talents and highlighting the vibrant wrestling scene right here in Poland. Kinguin is the perfect tag-team partner for the show, offering fans the chance to remember this historic wrestling event through minted NFT collectibles. We hope that viewers at home, and in the audience, enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed organising it.

Robert Kalbarczyk, Chief Operating Officer at Kinguin said: We’re really excited to be named the title sponsor for Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling and be a part of a historic event in Polish wrestling. We’re always looking for ways to support shared passions with our customers and we’re really delighted to be taking that step by supporting an international wrestling gala. We’re also really looking forward to commemorating the event with exclusive NFT collectibles, allowing fans to own some once in a lifetime memorabilia

The event will be live on Saturday, October 9 at 19:00 CEST in Chorzów for fans to attend. The tickets can be bought here, and the prices start from 50 PLN (around 11€). Additional tickets will be available for free on Kinguin’s social channels (details will be soon on Facebook:  and Twitter: event will also be live streamed for free on and Twitch. Polish fans will also be able to catch the broadcast on local TV channels.

You learn more about Prime Time Wrestling on their FacebookInstagram or YouTube.

About Prime Time Wrestling

Pro wrestling is a wildly exciting discipline on the borderline of sports and entertainment, a show that involves the audience in fights of unique, distinctive, and charismatic characters who fight each other to the delight of fans. Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling is an approach to create a working wrestling gala model that will be full of crazy stunts, powerful throws, unpredictable twists, and the plethora of stars known not only from the Polish arenas, but also the best federations in the world.

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Kinguin introduces first NFT products

Kinguin introduces first NFT products


Kinguin partners with Bitcoin Vault bringing NFTs to its global marketplace


  • The partnership sees Kinguin introduce NFTs to its marketplace for the first time in its history
  • The set of three SkillzVault competition cards from global gaming talent represent one of the three heroes from the show and will be exclusive to Kinguin’s marketplace
  • Kinguin also confirms it will be adding more exclusive NFT offerings in the near future


We are glad to announce that today we are bringing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to our marketplace for the very first time through a partnership with Bitcoin Vault (BTCV), a cryptocurrency that allows reversible transactions. The partnership will see a selection of SkillzVault Ethereum NFTs available to purchase on Kinguin marketplace.

Bitcoin Vault is a cryptocurrency that provides an extra level of security based on a three-private-key security software – mobile GoldWallet, desktop Electrum Vault and the Key Generator app. As well as featuring all the standard Bitcoin aspects, the extra layer of features provides users with extra transparency and freedom to purchase products using cryptocurrency.

SkillzVault is a gaming talent show created in partnership between Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) and ESE Entertainment. The gaming talent show is running from July 28 to November 21 in five countries: Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, with gamers taking part in one of the two fastest growing games in the industry – Peacekeepers Elite and PlayersUnknown Battleground Mobile (PUBGM). Viewers can also experience the excitement through SkillVaults’ Twitch profile and

Kinguin users will be able to purchase three different types of static SkillzVault competition card NFTs exclusively through the Kinguin website using both cryptocurrency and fiat payment options. Each NFT represents one of the three heroes who feature in the SkillzVault gaming talent show, which includes a Japanese Samurai, a Brazilian footballer and a South Korean K-Pop star. Both Kinguin and Bitcoin Vault ensure each NFT sold is unchangeable and tamperproof.

Mateusz Mach, Director of NFT marketplace at Kinguin, said: We’re really excited to partner with Bitcoin Vault, bringing our customers the opportunity to purchase an exclusive set of NFTs for the first time in our history. We’ve progressively been introducing more cryptocurrency payment solutions to our platform and for some time now, we’ve been working towards providing our customers with NFT offerings. We’re looking forward to continuing our roll out of NFTs on Kinguin marketplace and will soon be revealing even more exciting, exclusive NFT partnerships.’

Piotr Kozłowski, Chief Growth Officer at Bitcoin Vault, said: Kinguin is a global marketplace that’s leading the way in its industry when it comes to integrating blockchain based solutions onto its platform, services that are becoming increasingly popular amongst the digitally native gaming community. Partnering with Kinguin’s marketplace will also provide gaming fans with the easiest, most convenient and safest way to purchase our SkillzVault NFTs.’

NFTs are verifiably unique (non-fungible), digital assets. The data of an NFT is stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain, meaning that the digital asset can be certified as unique and therefore, not interchangeable. NFTs have risen in popularity in the past year, with a range of types of NFTs being sold including digital art, videos and trading cards. Kinguin uses second layer protocol that optimizes the number of transactions, blockchain updates, and hence its impact on the environment.

Customers wishing to purchase SkillzVault can visit the Kinguin marketplace here.

About Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault team is developing the ecosystem based on three applications – mobile GoldWallet, desktop Electrum Vault and the Key Generator app allowing users to manage private keys. With new partnerships Bitcoin Vault universe is expanding into new territories – external wallets, payment gateways, crypto exchanges and more. Through innovations, we want to make the cryptocurrency experience safer for everyone. Check out wrapped BTCV, its flexibility of a BEP-20 token. For up-to-date information please go to

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The Power of Putting People First

The Power of Putting People First


It was only last month that Kinguin Founder, Viktor Romaniuk Wanli announced the company’s plan to promote three talented Kinguin employees to the role of acting CEO on a 6-month rotational basis. Triggered by his desire to continue to evolve and improve the business for its customers, employees and partners, it signalled a fresh start.

Brandon Doerfler, the first of the three employees to take up the acting CEO position has already made a huge impact, despite only being in the role for two months. We found time to chat with Brandon where he told us about his people first philosophy and why this is front and centre to his plans. The ambitious, analytic and funny (his own words) professional also shared some of the challenges and learnings of his first two months in the role, as well as his aspirations for Kinguin’s future. 

Kinguin approached me earlier this year and asked if I was interested in joining as their CFO. I recognised, having spent the last 15 years working in financial services, that this was a now or never opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. So I decided to return to my Polish roots and enter what I consider to be an exciting and dynamic industry and joined Kinguin in May. Shortly afterwards, following some internal changes, I was then asked if I would like to take on the role of acting rotational CEO alongside two other colleagues. It was an easy yes! Taking this position at Kinguin offers the opportunity to put my existing financial prowess to good use while also allowing me to develop and deepen my knowledge in new areas, which is important to me. 

In recent months, Kinguin has gone from strength to strength hitting multiple key milestones including reaching 10 million customers and almost tripling GMV on a year on year basis. But it is also facing challenges. The company suffers from its relatively young age and operates with an entrepreneurial approach, often lacking structure. It is therefore my ambition to strip everything back to its foundations and work on cementing a strong infrastructure into the DNA of the company – this is how we will ensure relevance and encourage growth.

My starting point in this journey is people because they are our greatest assets and advocates. It is people who will make or break a company. You simply can’t be successful without a healthy culture and that means hiring and retaining talent, encouraging diversity and celebrating different perspectives.

And it’s easy to sit here and say these things because words are cheap. What’s important is putting it into action. So the first thing I’ve tackled since coming into this role are performance reviews. Often underrated these help us recognise and reward talent but equally, highlight underperformance. It is only when we understand where there are issues that we can provide the required tools to tackle it. 

And, it’s not just about implementing the right processes either, it’s about ensuring they’re adopted and retained. I always liken it to when Gordon Ramsay visits failing restaurants during his show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. He helps restaurateurs get to the root of their problems and creates a clear path which, if followed, will put them back on track. It is only if they avoid the pitfall of returning to their bad habits that they will succeed. It’s the same with what we’re trying to do at Kinguin.

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing is that this isn’t the first time that Kinguin has undergone significant changes and, as a result, there are fears and doubts. A lot of people’s actions are guided by the past but that shouldn’t define our future. Learning to steer our team through this with a new view of optimism and showing them that the changes we’re implementing are positive is the first step in fostering trust and building confidence. And that’s key.

In terms of future aspirations, I want Kinguin to continue looking at operational efficiency. I’m a big believer in driving a metrics and business intelligence approach. Otherwise how do you keep people accountable? But it’s important to blend qualitative and quantitative goals. Ultimately, I’d like to hand over this role feeling like I’d set some solid ground work in this area.

It may only have been two months since I took on this role but it feels a lot longer when I consider what we’ve achieved. In the following months there will be many more challenges to overcome, as well as a host of learnings, but what I’m really proud of is that we’re coming together to resolve them, as a team. To me, that speaks volumes about the type of people who work at this company and the culture we’re already building.

Introducing Kinguin’s new acting CEOs

Introducing Kinguin’s new acting CEOs


We are excited to present the latest statement from our Founder Viktor Wanli about the new acting CEO on a 6-month rotational basis at Kinguin.

Dear colleagues and partners,

After eight remarkable years acting as the CEO at Kinguin, I’m delighted to announce a new chapter for the company. As a business, we are always striving to evolve and improve for our customers, partners, and employees. That’s why we are taking a new direction, promoting three extremely talented Kinguin employees to the role of Acting CEO on a 6-month rotational basis. This will empower our current staff to develop our future strategies, allowing our teams to flourish and company growth to be accelerated. 

Our new Acting CEOs, Brandon Doerfler, Robert Kalbarczyk and Adam Gruda, have diverse business backgrounds and a wide-ranging skill set that can be utilised to create a dynamic workplace, where different perspectives can inform our key decision making. The Acting CEO’s, who will also retain their current job roles, have varied career histories both away from and with Kinguin. 

Adam began his career at the company eight years ago, while Robert has spent almost three years with the business during two separate tenures, and Brandon only recently joined the team. This provides us with a combination of historical company context and fresh perspectives necessary to continue on our path of improvement

As for me, I’m moving into a new role and assuming the position of Chairman of the company. I’ll still be as visible and committed as ever to Kinguin, supporting the cultural evolution of the business, advising on our product and mentoring our new Acting CEOs. However, I will be leaving key strategic and daily operational decision making in the safe and capable hands of a new set of leaders.

Kinguin has recently entered a new golden age – showcased by achieving the landmark of 10M customers worldwide and more than doubling GMV on a year on year basis – and I want to thank every member of staff’s dedication, determination and extreme hard work to help us achieve this. 

We are about to embark on another exciting moment in our journey and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.