Laying a Foundation – How marketing acts as the building blocks to Kinguin’s success

Laying a Foundation – How marketing acts as the building blocks to Kinguin’s success


With Kinguin having a large international presence, the approach to marketing has to be tailored and thought out to ensure it encapsulates as many potential users as possible. This, paired with the fact that for Kinguin, marketing is one of the key building blocks to growth with the marketing team constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve their solutions. Valentin Houssais, Kinguin’s Chief Marketing Officer, and his team have been building a strong foundation for Kinguin to excel and are looking to the future for continuous growth.

We took some time to discuss what marketing is for Kinguin, and how Valentin and his team not only surpass expectations, but how they deliver an effective marketing solution for Kinguin to succeed.

Valentin has worked at Kinguin for over four years and with a refined international background and experience working in seven countries as of today, he’s well aware of the differences in cultures, personalities and industries. His role at Kinguin as the Chief Marketing Officer, and with experience in branding, esports, marketing and leadership, has brought his own spin to the marketing activities at Kinguin. He has been able to adapt his role to fit what was needed, and has become a facilitator for his team to learn and grow alongside him.

As Kinguin is an e-commerce platform, marketing is key for the business to grow, and it’s also where the magic happens. Performance marketing is the foundation of Kinguin’s outreach – in a similar fashion to how a house needs a foundation before you can start building upwards. This year has been all about performance marketing and how the business can bring new users to the marketplace and help the platform grow. Once this foundation has been solidified, Valentin and his team can then dive into other methods of marketing – these include but aren’t limited to influencer outreach, social media, campaigns, events and much more. Kinguin has applied a variety of different solutions in the past with resounding success, and this arsenal is able to be called upon depending on what is most beneficial for the project.

Kinguin operates in a massive international market, and has had to adjust accordingly when performing marketing campaigns. Valentin’s past experiences play a key role in being able to carry out bespoke initiatives that are suitable for each target audience. He ensures that the focus is on the different cultures and personalities present in the audience and their regional interests. One solution Valentin and his team are looking into is tailored solutions, for example,  if you’re an avid PlayStation fan, you wouldn’t benefit from seeing Xbox advertisements. These areas the team are addressing will offer customers a bespoke solution that can involve local influencers and affiliations, and always focus on the convenience and satisfaction of the users in that region. 

When working towards new B2B partnerships, Valentin works alongside Partner & Chief of Business Development, David Yarnton and the business team at Kinguin. Over the last few years, Kinguin has bolstered their marketing expertise with brands such as PayPal, Revolut, Huawei and many more well known global brands. The current goal for 2023 is for Kinguin to carry out a global campaign that uses partnerships across the globe to help grow and nurture the business. 

Diving even further into the future goals of what Valentin is looking towards, Kinguin is looking at a soft rebrand, which will open lots of new opportunities and will allow new approaches to activations. This lands perfectly with the upcoming 10 year anniversary of Kinguin in 2023. With the success of Kinguin Legends, the team at Kinguin have been inspired and have exciting plans for the future. The team will also be focusing on improving the user experience, and in doing so, supporting gamers to have a great experience. There are no limits when it comes to the gaming community, and Kinguin are looking to support as many avid gamers as possible. 

With the variability of the global economy, everything is evolving at a rapid pace – this includes marketing. Kinguin are having to carry out more tailored and custom solutions than ever before, and it’s exciting to see, whether that be for NFTs, the Kinguinverse or so much more. These approaches can’t be taken lightly and the team at Kinguin knows this. With Valentin’s experience and skill set along with his divergent team, Kinguin can develop solutions and ensure that the foundations are built and the company is building upwards.

Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ returns!

Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ returns!


Warsaw, Poland, 24th NovemberKinguin Prime Time Wrestling has today revealed details of its third show – Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #3 ‘Legends’ which will take place in the Polish capital, Warsaw. Wrestling fans, who tune into the event, will be treated to thrilling fights from wrestling stars all over the world, including Xia Brookside, Myla Grace, Diana Strong, Santino Marella, Joe Hendry, Matt Sydal, Samuray Del Sol and Trent Seven. Fans can also attend live with ticket prices starting at 70 PLN (~ €13), and available to purchase online.

The last Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling event, ‘ Ryucon’ was held in Krakow, Poland in July bringing widespread attention from the global wrestling community and continues forward to Poland’s capital city, Warsaw. You can expect more electrifying fights with three female superstars; Xia Brookside, Myla Grace and Diana Strong joining Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ for the first time in its history!

Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ promises to be enthralling and offers viewers a tantalising event full of exciting fights with a No DQ Match featuring Axel Fox vs. Justin Joy, a  Last Man Standing Match with “Starboy” Nano Lopez vs. Sinister and the main event of Samuray Del Sol vs Matt Sydal. 

To build up hype ahead of the event, on Friday, Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ contract signing ceremony takes place, during which the players will meet for the first time, sign the contract and start the face off which will be livestreamed to build up tension before the big day! You can find an exciting sneak peak of the gala with the upcoming trailer here.

The event will also feature commentary in both Polish and English, with Arek Paterek, Lukasz Balinski and Piotr Malecki with guest commentators Pawel Borkowski and Polish wrestler and silver Olympic medalist of 1980, Andrew Supron. English commentators include legend Santino Marella, who was both the fighter and commentator in previous Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling editions, and Lewis Costello, a popular stand-up comedian and commentator.

Arkadiusz Pan Pawłowski, Founder of Prime Time Wrestling said: “Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling is a dream come true for the performers, but most importantly the audience that loves sports entertainment in its purest form. Being a Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling fan doesn’t mean just watching the show unfold but getting fully involved and becoming part of the experience!.

Robert Kalbarczyk, Chief Executive Officer at Kinguin said: “We’re delighted to co-organise Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling ‘Legends’ for the third time in its impressive history. Wrestling was perceived as a niche sport in recent years, but with such events we hope to bring it to life here in Europe. We can’t wait to give the audience and fans a rousing event!

The event will be live on Saturday, November 26 at 19:00 CET in Warsaw. Tickets can be bought here. The event will also be live streamed on DAZN, FITE,, YouTube, Twitch and more. You can find the full fight card below:

  • Pure Gold vs. PAKA – Tag Team Match
  • Primate vs. Marty Scurll
  • Myla Grace vs. Xia Brookside vs. Diana Strong – Triple Threat Match
  • Justin Joy vs. Axel Fox – NO DQ Match
  • Dawid “Puncher” Senko vs. Robert Star
  • Trent Seven vs. Joe Hendry – Impact Digital Media Championship Match
  • Nano Lopez vs. Sinister – Last Man Standing Match
  • Matt Sydal vs. Samuray Del Sol

You learn more about Prime Time Wrestling on their Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


About Prime Time Wrestling

Pro wrestling is a wildly exciting discipline on the borderline of sports and entertainment, a show that involves the audience in fights of unique, distinctive, and charismatic characters who fight each other to the delight of fans. Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling is an approach to create a working wrestling show model that will be full of crazy stunts, powerful throws, unpredictable twists, and the plethora of stars known not only from the Polish arenas, but also the best promotions in the world.

Weaving the Web – An exploration into Kinguin’s leading payment solutions

Weaving the Web – An exploration into Kinguin’s leading payment solutions


Kinguin has been able to grow its audience across the globe, but with this amazing expansion, comes a major challenge – ensuring customers can pay with their desired payment solution. With the rise of new payment options cropping up simultaneously in different countries, Kinguin has to ensure all bases are covered and pull out all the stops necessary to make sure that the customer’s purchasing experience is seamless. Faheem Bakshi, Payment Lead, and his team have weaved a web that encompasses over 150+ payment solutions and are looking to expand this even further.


We sat down with Faheem and discussed his role within the team, how his experiences have shaped his approach to this key challenge, and how Kinguin is looking to enhance the international customer experience across its platform.


Faheem joined Kinguin in 2015 firstly as a Senior Business Analyst and then as Head of Payments, tasked with developing Kinguin as a leader in accessibility to customers through all payment means. Faheem has come from a FinTech background with a major in economics and computer science along with previous experience at Microsoft and on the stock exchange. He has been truly enveloped in the financial technology industry. These experiences are key to the role that he plays within the team and allows him to thrive and adapt in the ever changing world of payments. 

The Payment Lead’s role is, in simple terms, to manage the payments on Kinguin’s marketplace – but this role is far from simple. With such a large international audience, each customer needs to have the ability to securely and comfortably pay for a product with their service of choice and this is where the challenge lies. Kinguin customers range in age, location along with many more variables, and for Kinguin to ensure that each and every customer is content with the service offering their trusted payment provider. This solution is to integrate as many trusted payment solutions as possible! Kinguin currently boasts over 150 different payment methods and we are looking to expand this to 200 by the end of 2022.

Comparing a customer from Argentina to a customer from South Africa, two emerging markets for Kinguin, will provide insight into how tailored the solution needs to be. When a new customer is introduced to the marketplace, no matter where they are based, they need to see a payment method that is not only favoured for their region, but is also trusted and secure; an example of this is American Express for American customers, or Klarna for Scandinavian customers. Kinguin wants to ensure that every customer has full accessibility and feels secure with their purchases on the site, while at the same time, has a wide selection of choices available to them. 

To find upcoming payment solutions, Faheem and his team conduct market research in local and emerging markets, which include primary and secondary research methods; whether that is customer surveys, networking at industry events or researching the community online. This research is key for Kinguin, as it ensures that the onboarding process of monitoring each solution is a success. This ongoing monitoring requires account management on each payment solution, so Faheem and his team are constantly in contact with customer support representatives across the globe to manage the many solutions effectively.

With all of these wide-array of solutions in place, Faheem also has to look to the future and to new market opportunities to decide what will be key moving forward. This key is Open Banking, a direct and instant version of payment, offering endless potential and modern security solutions when compared to traditional banking. This method bypasses third party intermediaries and allows users to transfer directly to each other with the click of a button. This market is slowly growing, with Polish payment system Blik being an amazing case study of the solution in action. Currently, open baking is limited to regional operations but in the next few years, this limitation will most likely be phased out. Pairing this with the fact that banks are currently cooperating with each other on backend API solutions to make the service even more secure, we’ll most likely be seeing more of this solution in the future – and when the time comes, Faheem and his team is ready to pioneer the future at Kinguin!

Forecasting the Future – Kinguin’s Foray into the Metaverse

Forecasting the Future – Kinguin’s Foray into the Metaverse


Kinguin is an industry innovator in the discovery of new business ventures in the gaming and tech industry. Entry into the metaverse will be one of their latest endeavours. The metaverse is a fascinating topic for consumers and companies alike that is continuing to grab interest from around the globe. Kinguin is looking to the future to become a pioneer in the metaverse world with the ‘Kinguinverse’. Michał Kaczmarek, Partner & Chief Metaverse Officer, is captaining this venture and looking to plant the seeds of the Kinguinverse and to help foster its growth. 

We met with Michał to dive into how he envisions Kinguin’s new chapter, his experience with the metaverse, what it will look like and how Kinguin will use this new platform to expand their horizons and provide users with a whole new world of experiences. 

Michał joined Kinguin as Partner & Chief Metaverse Officer, where his job is to enable Kinguin to prepare and adapt to the imminent adoption of the metaverse across the industry and transform the company into a pioneer in this new technological field. He has experience in the Gaming and E-commerce industries from previous successful business ventures, and is very familiar with the Metaverse. He is looking forward to combining all his experience gained up until now and apply it to the ‘Kinguinverse’. 

To understand the metaverse, firstly we have to define it in layman’s terms, think of it as a persistent 3-dimensional digital world, where everything is connected together, accessible by everyone and where everything runs simultaneously in the same instance. We must think about it as what it will be, rather than what it is currently. The most ideal way to think about the technological growth needed for the metaverse would be like trying to explain games such as Roblox and Fortnite to somebody in 1995. The only difference between this example and the metaverse is that we know the metaverse is inevitable.

For Kinguin, the goal is to introduce a ‘Kinguinverse’, that revolves around content – in a similar fashion to how Amazon attracts customers to their new platform by using Prime Video. The most important thing for us is to ensure that it’s user friendly – allowing them to consume the content they want in the easiest possible way, within the ecosystem. We will be using cutting edge technology to provide ownership to users in one colossal, united ecosystem. 

Ideally, users will have a single avatar that will maintain items, achievements and progression throughout the ecosystem. The Kinguinverse will offer a wide variety of apps and games that will be launched on their own platform – with a section where creative developers can build software from within the ecosystem and users can utilise these new community tools to interact with other users. These apps will also work across various platforms, from mobile to PC, and will entice casual and professional users alike, in the hope of attracting the maximum number of viewers. We want to provide users with ownership over their personas and any items and progression they have achieved, which will have a monetary value to each and every item. The ‘Kinguinverse’ will have its own economy connected to the main marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell and trade.

We want Kinguin to be at the forefront, ready to take the jump into the metaverse. We’re perfectly positioned to be the glue of the metaverse when it starts being adopted by companies outside of the gaming ecosystem. We have already launched a Kinguin NFT marketplace and have been discussing how we can further provide not only a great user experience for our users, but also help our partners to utilise our platform to propel their own businesses. We’re ensuring that we are prepared for the inevitable integration of the metaverse, and are making sure that our players and clients will be able to count on us to assist them in navigating the revolutionary future of technology and what lies beyond!

MoonPay and Magic are now available for users on Kinguin’s NFT Marketplace

MoonPay and Magic are now available for users on Kinguin’s NFT Marketplace


Kinguin is today unveiling MoonPay and Magic in Kinguin’s NFT Marketplace, providing users with a new payment gateway and crypto wallet with a more secure and seamless experience. The partnership with MoonPay and Magic will further improve Kinguin’s venture into the crypto space as part of their ambitions with the Kinguinverse.

MoonPay is a payment gateway that allows users to transfer money between FIAT and crypto (ETH) – users will be able to exchange FIAT directly into Ethereum native coin and bridge these assets instantly and directly to Layer 2. Part of Magic’s implementation is their crypto wallet, that is compatible with all major blockchains and is simple and easy to register with – only needing an email address and not requiring users to have any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Magic’s crypto wallet is secure and non-custodial with passwordless authentication making the user experience secure and even more fluid. 

These two solutions are provided through the IMX blockchain infrastructure, the leading Layer 2 infrastructure built on Ethereum and allowing users to buy and sell NFTs. Kinguin’s use of the IMX infrastructure will provide a decentralised marketplace, ensuring that users have no further fees on their transactions. The IMX infrastructure offers a carbon neutral marketplace supporting global decarbonisation goals. 

“Kinguin is constantly looking for solutions to bring closer and facilitate users to the subject of NFTs. Our recent partnership with IMX and the ongoing integration of top, proven and professional solutions on the market such as MoonPay and Magic will allow all users to take full advantage of the NFT marketplace. I am absolutely thrilled about allowing non-crypto users the possibility to jump into the NFT world without technical limitations compromising their exploration of technology of the future.” said Joanna Krupińska NFT Product Owner at Kinguin

About MoonPay

MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. Its on-and-off-ramp suite of products provides a seamless experience for converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using all major payment methods including debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. MoonPay is active in more than 160 countries and is trusted by 250+ leading wallets, websites, and applications to accept payments and defeat fraud.

For more information visit: 

About Magic Labs

Founded in 2018, Magic Labs, formerly known as Fortmatic, is a Silicon Valley based tech start-up that specialises in passwordless authentication and private key management. Web2 and Web3 applications powered by Magic are being used by millions of users worldwide. Magic’s mission is to safeguard the trust between users and internet services by establishing secure and authentic digital identity. In addition to offering enterprise-grade security, Magic has received SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR and CCPA compliance certificates. Magic is backed by top VCs, such as Tiger Global, Northzone, Lightspeed Ventures, Social Capital, etc. as well as renowned angel investors, such as Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), Balaji Srinivasan (ex-CTO at Coinbase), Naval Ravikant (co-founder of AngelList), Jason Warner (CTO of GitHub), Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt) and more.

Follow Magic at, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, YouTube.