Google Recommendations AI: Success Story

The future of e-commerce: Kinguin transforms online customer experience with Google Recommendations AI


Kinguin is proud to reveal how working with Google Recommendations AI has proved to be profitable for the business while also delivering an improved online experience for its customers. With over 2.14 billion people worldwide expected to buy online this year, according to Statista, and e-retail sales due to account for 22% of all purchases by 2023, positive interactions can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart.

Google Recommendations AI uses algorithms to deliver highly personalised suggestions that suit a customer’s tastes and preferences. As well as helping them find items quickly, it also delivers the service at scale, something which is crucial to Kinguin who recently celebrated hitting a landmark 10 million customers worldwide. In adopting this technology Kinguin has already improved its customer experience by shortening search times by 20 seconds.

As well as enhancing customer satisfaction Google Recommendations AI has also increased Kinguin’s average cart value by 5 EUR. Conversion rates have also quadrupled since its inception and CTR has doubled, increasing by 2.16 on product pages and 2.8 times on recommendations pages.

Krzysztof Zalasa, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud‘We’re immensely proud of how we’re able to support our partners with this new technology. We understand how important it is for them to provide their customers with the best possible experience when they’re shopping online and that’s where we come in.”

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, Kinguin CEO and Founder“Customers shop online for choice and convenience but it can sometimes be overwhelming. We want anyone who shops at Kinguin to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Google Recommendations AI has helped us evolve our service, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. It has also contributed to a significant rise in sales. It was an amazing team effort. I am very proud of such record-breaking implementation by our IT and Product Team.”

Kinguin was the first gaming e-commerce platform in Europe to start using the new technology when it was launched last year. As well as optimising sales and improving company profitability, the marketplace for gamers has also broken records in Poland, due to its successful integration.

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Anonymo partnership

KINGUIN is excited to announce becoming the major sponsor for Anonymo, a Polish professional esports organisation that competes in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO). It means that Kinguin is now the lead sponsor of two top-tier esports teams from Poland, including League of Legends’


As part of the partnership, Kinguin will also provide Anonymo with access to the Kinguin Esports Performance Center (EPC). It is the most professional and advanced esports training facility in Europe, with Anonymo receiving its own dedicated, branded top-class training room. The EPC which is based in Warsaw, is the first professional training facility for esports organisations in Europe and provides teams with access to training and analyst rooms, psychologists and physiotherapists, professional chefs and gym facilities. From the beginning of last year EPC was used by world-leading esports organizations, such as OG, FaZe Clan, Team Vitality, MiBR, Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, Furia and many others.

Anonymo CEO, Mateusz Kowalczyk said: We’re really excited to name Kinguin as our lead sponsor and look forward to collaborating with the organisation on numerous projects in the future. Our ambition, as an organization is to become a mainstream esports organisation that competes on the international stage and the sponsorship with Kinguin will be paramount to helping us achieve that. Having access to the world class training facilities at Kinguin’s Esports Performance Center in Warsaw is also going to help with our progression, at what is currently a pivotal stage of development for the team.


Kinguin has a long history of sponsoring esports organisations and events and was one of the first digital marketplaces to launch a dedicated website where customers could purchase CS:GO skins. Team Kinguin, the organisation’s own esports team which launched in 2015, was also regarded as one of the best CS:GO teams in history owing to their international roster of talent.  The team later rebranded as in 2019 and over the years, both teams have helped numerous professional gamers forge their careers  in CS:GO, DOTA 2 and League of Legends esports.

Kinguin has also previously sponsored numerous International CS:GO tournaments, such as the Dreamhack Masters Malmö, IEM Katowice and ESL CS:GO Pro League, as well as numerous esports organisations such as Fnatic, G2 Esports and the Copenhagen Wolves.

Meanwhile, newly formed esports organisation Anonymo launched at the start of 2021. It recently unveiled its competitive CS:GO lineup, which consists of legendary Polish CS:GO veteran Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski, in-game leader Wiktor “⁠mynio⁠” Kruk, as well as Kamil “⁠KEi⁠” Pietkun and Kacper “⁠Kylar⁠” Walukiewicz and Paweł “innocent” Mocek. The team has previously competed in local Polish and European tournaments, including the ESL Polish Championships and the Dreamhack Open January 2021: Europe. The team is now set to compete on the international CS:GO stage later in 2021.

Kinguin CEO and Founder, Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, said, “We’re really happy to unveil our sponsorship of Anonymo, a leading, professional Polish esports organisation. Kinguin has a rich history of sponsoring various esports teams and events – particularly in the CS:GO scene – and we’re delighted to re-enter the CS:GO space and start a completely new chapter through this partnership. It means Kinguin now sponsors two of the biggest esports teams in Poland that compete in two of the biggest esports in the world – CS:GO and League of Legends.”

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Plearn partnership



Kinguin is excited to announce its partnership with CS:GO pro Maikel “Maikelele” Bill and his new community website-based platform Plearn, where gamers can join events and compete in a variety of challenges to win prizes. Maikelele and Kinguin have a long-standing friendship, stemming from the days Maikelele played under the Team Kinguin banner, winning Gaming Paradise 2015 and placing in the top 8 at the ESL One Cologne 2015 Major.


Now Kinguin and Maikelele are joining forces in a community-driven partnership for Maikelele’s platform, Plearn, where Kinguin will be providing prizes for challenge winners and participants. Kinguin is a long-time supporter of the CS:GO scene and this partnership is a natural next step for the company to strengthen its bond with the community.

Plearn will host weekly Kinguin-branded challenges where top winners will be granted Kinguin gift cards, while a number of participants will receive exclusive Kinguin discount codes. Furthermore, CS:GO related products available at will be promoted on and affiliated sites in the form of affiliate links.

The first Kinguin-branded event will begin this Thursday, March 25 with Maikelele himself live streaming the challenges together with some Plearn members. The live stream will begin at 18:00 CET over at


Maikel “Maikelele” Bill, Plearn Founder said, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Kinguin, a company I share fond memories of, going back to my professional CS:GO career. Without the support of the community, I wouldn’t be where I am today – this is my way of giving back. Plearn is a passion project aimed at motivating players to bring their game to a whole new level while also having the chance to win great prizes. Given my history with Kinguin, and their continuous involvement and support of the CS:GO scene, they are the perfect partner for Plearn.”


Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, Kinguin Founder and CEO said, “We are beyond excited to be partnering with a great platform led by such a great player and friend. CS:GO is a much loved game and we have always cherished its community so it is important to Kinguin to play a part in bringing this project to life. We are looking forward to helping grow a platform that puts fun and players first.”

Currently focused on CS:GO, Plearn plans to expand into more PC and console games in the future, making it possible for players of all kinds to play and earn with Plearn.


About Plearn

PLEARN is a free to use gaming platform, where players can win prizes by playing video games and completing a variety of challenges. Currently focused on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Plearn plans on expanding its portfolio to more games and platforms in the future. This community-driven project aims to elevate how people play their favorite games, giving them a chance to play and earn at the same time.

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Women’s Day – Female gamers report

 Kinguin reveals Germany as #1 European market for female gamers


  • 1.1 million female customers registered with the global gaming marketplace
  • Sims 4, Minecraft and Rust were the most popular video games bought by women in 2020
  • Germany, Poland, France, Spain and the UK make up the list of top 5 European countries with the most female gamers


8th March 2021 – On International Women’s Day, Kinguin is celebrating its female customers and revealing key trends from their spending habits. The world’s first digital marketplace for gamers with 1.1 million female active users, saw an astonishing 56% growth in that category in the last 12 months.

Which games are the most popular among women?

Kinguin revealed that in 2020, life simulation video game Sims 4 was the most popular game among its female customers. Sandbox game Minecraft, multiplayer-only survival game Rust, battle-royale title Fortnite, and a popular FPS game Call of Duty made up the top 5. When it came to the age of its customers, 66% range between the ages of 18-34. However, while the majority of female users are under the age of 35, more than 11% (121,000) of Kinguin’s female customers are over 55.

Top 10 games selected by female gamers in 2020:

1.  Sims 4
2. Minecraft
3. Rust
4. Fortnite
5. Call of Duty
6. Ark
7. Lego Star Wars
8. Planet Zoo
9. Anno 1800
10. Skyrim

Where are the female gamers coming from?

Kinguin also discovered that Germany is the female gaming capital of Europe, with 1 in 10 (10.5%) of its female customers residing there, amounting to 115,500 users. Poland, its home country, makes up (8.5%), Spain (6.6%), France (6.1%) and the UK (4.15%). However, despite Germany topping the list for the number of female users, it was Canada that averaged the highest global total basket spend (€23.18) and France leading the way in Europe (€22.47).

Do we see more women in the gaming industry? 

Kinguin, Head of People, Natalia Szepelowska, said, “I have worked at Kinguin for almost 4 years and I love the gaming industry. On International Women’s Day it felt right to celebrate our female customers and show just how many women around the world are turning to gaming as a preferred form of entertainment. In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed the growth of female applicants, who are gaming enthusiasts. A very common statement that we hear during the interviews is that our candidates haven’t thought that their gaming-hobby can actually be an asset in their professional life. And as it turns out – it is. We’re excited to see more and more gaming-oriented female candidates for roles at our company, and this number grows every year!.”

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10 million customers milestone


Kinguin, the world’s first digital marketplace for gamers, celebrates 10 million customers worldwide


  • One third (36%) of customers live in Europe, while 1.2m customers based in the U.S.
  • Canadians spend, on average, €64.00 more per year on gaming products than Italians
  • Minecraft and Call of Duty were the two most searched for game titles on the marketplace in 2020
  • 81% of registered accounts belong to 18–34-year-olds


Warsaw, Poland, 24th February – Kinguin, the world’s first digital marketplace for gamers, is celebrating reaching 10 million registered customers globally, an increase of 20% since the beginning of 2020. In the last year alone the company has welcomed an extra 1,825,453 customers as an increasing number of people choose to spend their hard earned cash on gaming related software.

As well as revealing the milestone news, Kinguin also shared information on its customer spending habits. In the last year, the company claims that popular sandbox video game Minecraft was the most searched for title on its site, while the world’s best-selling video games franchise, Call of Duty, placed second. The Sims 4 followed, making it to the top three games. The biggest interest, however, was generated by Windows 10 searches, showing that non-gaming software is also a key element of the portfolio.

Kinguin’s 10 million customers come from all over the world, reflecting its truly global footprint for gaming fans. 1.2 million (12.86%) are registered in the U.S., the country with the highest number of accounts in total while over a third (36%) of accounts are registered to users in Europe. It also reported that a huge 81% are between 18-34 years old and, of those, 87% were male.

The company also revealed some regional differences when it comes to buying, with Canada’s average annual basket spend totalling €64.00 more than their Italian counterparts. Average monthly customer spend last year was reportedly €17.26, though festivities in December created a slight increase in the overall spend at €21.08.

Kinguin CEO and Founder, Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, said, “We’re absolutely delighted to have surpassed 10 million customers globally and we want to thank all our valued customers around the world for helping us reach this milestone. The 20% increase in customers globally since the start of 2020 will of course have been partially due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but it also reflects the increasing number of consumers moving online to purchase products.” 

As well as customer growth, Kinguin has also seen a 20% increase in employees in the past 12 months as the gaming industry prospered from the number of people staying at home playing games. In fact, since the start of the pandemic, in March 2020, 10 former employees have returned to work for the company.

In total there are more than 50,000 items available to purchase on, with approximately 500 new items introduced each month. Customers are now able to purchase items using various methods on the site, with 100 payment methods available globally at PayPal and credit card payments have been available to customers since the platform launched, however Kinguin recently became the first game trading platform to offer BitCoin, Orange Mobile and PayU payments to its customers and merchants are also able to withdraw their earnings using BitCoin.

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About Kinguin

Kinguin is a global marketplace, established in 2013, mostly known for the digital trading platform, with over 10 million registered users. The platform offers over 45,000 unique digital products, from video games to computer software and services. Kinguin is also one of the first large-scale supporters of the esports industry as a sponsor of tournaments, events and organizations.