Kinguin and 9INE Join Forces: Empowering Gamers and Conquering the Esports Scene!

Kinguin and 9INE Join Forces: Empowering Gamers and Conquering the Esports Scene!

Kinguin is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with 9INE, the esports organization and talent management company that has been making waves in the gaming world. This collaboration stems from a shared commitment to empowering gamers and celebrating the esports community in Poland and beyond.

 As 9INE’s accomplishments continue to grow, including a remarkable #11 position in the ESL world ranking, the partnership with Kinguin is poised to further solidify their status as a competitive force in the world of Counter-Strike. Together, Kinguin and 9INE will create brand exposure, captivating content, and engaging offers that resonate with their passionate audience.

Fredrik Belstad, CEO of 9INE, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Kinguin is a great brand that offers fantastic products at discounted prices. This collaboration will allow us to connect with our audience while attracting new fans and followers. Together, we will create captivating entertainment and ensure the future success of Polish Counter-Strike.”

Kinguin’s dedication to esports is evident through its decade-long involvement in the industry. Having sponsored numerous successful esports teams, events, and tournaments, Kinguin has been an integral part of the growth and development of the esports community. The company’s Esports Performance Center stands as a testament to their commitment to helping esports athletes reach their full potential. Kinguin also contributes to esports-focused charitable projects, including hosting Ukrainian esports players at the EPC and organizing boot camps and training sessions for children.

Viktor Romaniuk, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Kinguin, expresses his excitement about the partnership, saying, “Teaming up with 9INE is a natural fit for Kinguin as we share the same passion for esports. We’re eager to support 9INE’s esports journey and anticipate a fruitful partnership that will elevate both of our brands to new heights. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming Major Championship – BLAST Paris Major 2023. We believe that their hard work and dedication will pay off, and we’re thrilled to be part of their journey towards greatness.”

Kinguin and 9INE are united in their mission to create a lasting impact on the esports industry and provide exceptional experiences for their fans. This partnership is an exciting step forward in fostering a thriving esports community in Poland and beyond.

About 9INE

9INE is a Esports Organization and Talent Management Company that aims to set new standards in the industry by fostering innovation and putting passion at the core of its activities.

Both the team and the management have gained valuable experience in years of being active in the industry and working with the biggest brands in Esports.

9INE focus on executional excellence and its responsibility towards players, fans and sponsors has already brought it recognition in Europe. 9INE believes in a better future and is committed to create it through performance, integrity, trust and courage.

One Year Since Russia’s Attack on Ukraine: Support is Still Needed

One Year Since Russia’s Attack on Ukraine: Support is Still Needed



Today marks one year since Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine, and it is a somber reminder that the war is not over yet. It is a situation that cannot be forgotten. As a year ago, so today – the support is very much needed. On this occasion, we want to highlight Kinguiners, common people, who stood up and simply started helping. We look up to them and want to encourage all who can to follow their footsteps. 

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, the founder of Kinguin, motivated everyone and initiated the process of helping Ukraine by contacting NAVI, an esport organization from Ukraine, inviting them to stay in Poland. He also posted on his LinkedIn and initiated an open-door policy to utilize Kinguin physical locations to help people from Ukraine. He was openly engaged in discussions and openly advocated support for Ukraine, including an interview with Esports Insider.

Paweł Książek, Paweł Żukowski, Anna Mączko and the entire EPC crew support the Ukrainian esport community and their families. Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw is open free of charge for any Ukrainian pro-players and their families. Up to date, we have hosted over 30 people, and some of them are still with us, as long as their situation requires. Paweł Książek was also engaged in interviews about Ukrainian support with The Washington Post, Le Monde, or Onet.

Kuba Lang, Michał Kaczmarek, and Antek Rybiński from the OGDM ‘From the Border to the Flat’ foundation are working closely with Kinguin to help Ukrainians. Kinguin offered OGDM headquarters for the foundation as well as 24/7 coordination centers to match the request between drivers and border crossings. The foundation has so far transported over 77,000 Ukrainian people, secured over 3,000 accommodations all over Poland, and linked 12,000 people offering their flats. OGDM together with Kinguin organized charity donations and concerts supporting Ukraine.

Anna Palowicz worked with the Foundation for Transplantation by organizing the purchase and transport of medicines for the Ukrainian hospital in Krzywy Rog and the hospital in Lviv. She also supported the city of Przemyśl in contacting brands that delivered necessities, such as water and coffee, to the border with Ukraine. Thanks to Kinguin’s support, they were able to help with transport and provide shelter.

Mariusz Jagodziński was helping territorial defense forces in Sumy, by organizing medical supplies and elements of winter equipment and clothing. Mariusz was able to obtain over 100 different pieces of specialist equipment.

Anna Kalota, Natalia Szepelowska, and Przemysław Padrak were engaged in helping Ukrainian families in Poznań, securing accommodation for them in the Kinguin office for several months.

Moreover, the majority of Kinguiners made individual donations to different charities supporting Ukraine. Kinguin employees were also hosting Ukrainian refugees at their homes and have taken to helping them with critical errands like getting a local SIM card and renting a car.

Despite all the above-mentioned initiatives, support is still needed for those affected by the ongoing conflict. The war in Ukraine is far from over, and the Ukrainian people still require support. Kinguin wants to highlight some notable organizations that are still supporting Ukrainian people, including: OGDM donation, The Ukrainian Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, Voices of Children and Future for Ukraine.

The Evolution and Future of Kinguin: A Leading Global Gaming Marketplace

The Evolution and Future of Kinguin: A Leading Global Gaming Marketplace


Kinguin is a pioneering global gaming marketplace, which recently surpassed 15 million registered customers with over 150,000 digital product offers on the platform. Kinguin has experienced immense growth in the last few years, doubling or even tripling its key business indicators. We sat down with Adam Gruda, newly named Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Kinguin, to discuss the evolution of the company as well as its future directions. 

Adam has worked for Kinguin from the very beginning, almost 13 years now. He has gained valuable experience and expertise in various aspects of the company over the years to be able to take on more complex and strategic projects, as well as to take on leadership roles, to effectively manage teams, develop and execute strategies and drive growth. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, developing and implementing strategies that help Kinguin achieve its short and long term goals. To be more specific:

  • Ensuring that the company’s overall strategic vision is implemented effectively, with a specific focus on revenue aspects.
  • Leading the development and implementation of operational plans and strategies to achieve the company’s financial targets and revenue growth goals.
  • Coordinating with the executive team to identify new business opportunities, develop strategies for pursuing those opportunities, and monitor progress toward achieving them.
  • Overseeing the daily operations of the company to ensure efficient and effective performance across all departments.
  • Collaborating with the CEO and other senior leaders to establish key performance indicators, track progress, and report on the company’s overall performance.

The evolution of Kinguin

The last couple of years were particularly successful for the company and Kinguin has made a major leap to become one of the leading ecommerce businesses worldwide. Kinguin has undergone significant changes in its business model, driven by evolving fast-paced market conditions and changing customer demands. 

Kinguin has taken several steps to expand its business and improve customer experience. These include diversifying its product offerings, which now extend beyond video games to include software, virtual reality gear, NFTs, and other digital products. Over the past decade, Kinguin has established 150,000 offers and 60,000 unique products. Another significant move has been the expansion of sales channels, including partnerships with other online marketplaces. The API has played a key role in driving this growth. Additionally, Kinguin has prioritized providing an exceptional customer experience, with improvements to its website and customer support services. 

The future of Kinguin

As the new COO of Kinguin, Adam and the Board, identified five pillars that will shape the company’s growth and set Kinguin apart as a leading digital entertainment platform.

  1. The first pillar is Kinguin API, which we believe is the world’s most open. We designed it to provide maximum transparency and accessibility to products and services, empowering developers, merchants, and users alike to unlock the full potential of our platform.
  2. Our second pillar is our foray into games publishing. Our strategy to expand its presence in the gaming development space is multifaceted, and it includes a range of initiatives that are designed to capture a larger share of the market. By adopting a vertical integration approach, creating a launchpad, developing its own games, and creating great content pieces, Kinguin hopes to appeal to a wide range of audiences and cement its position as a major player in the gaming industry. It is worth highlighting our recent accomplishment with the Roblox gaming experience. Our team has developed a game within the Roblox ecosystem that provides fun and interactive entertainment for thousands of users.
  3. Our third pillar is our commitment to being the world’s most open employer. We believe in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment that values diversity and encourages open communication and collaboration among Kinguiners.
  4. Our fourth pillar is our focus on providing the best possible user experience. We believe in simplicity, consistency, and functionality, and we strive to offer a seamless experience for users on our platform. We plan to continue investing in innovation, particularly in AI and machine learning, to improve internal operations and customer experience. 
  5. Finally, our fifth pillar is our commitment to being the best platform for merchants and customers. We aim to provide a great onboarding experience for both wholesale and retail partners, advanced stats and insights, and seamless management of accounts and inventory anytime and anywhere. As part of the company’s strategy, product diversification and an attractive product portfolio are key elements. The goal is to expand into new product categories such as streaming services (e.g. Netflix or Disney Plus), clothing (e.g. Zalando), transportation (e.g. Uber), cloud gaming (via Nware gift cards), telecommunications (e.g. Vodafone or T-Mobile top-ups), in-game economy (e.g. Minecraft, Roblox, CS:GO, Fortnite) or e-money vouchers (e.g. Neosurf, JetonCash, AstroPay). This wide range of products will allow for growth and make Kinguin more attractive to different customer segments.

In summary, our five pillars reflect Kinguin’s commitment to providing the best services to our users, merchants, and Kinguiners. Kinguin’s ambition is to become the most open digital playground while also remaining adaptable and innovative in the face of changing market dynamics. By remaining focused on customer needs and preferences and continuing to evolve its business model and offerings, Kinguin is well positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and continue to be a major player in the market of digital goods.




In 2023, companies are undergoing major structural changes as they navigate the new business environment. The pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their traditional hierarchical structures and find more agile and flexible ways of operating. As a result, many companies are flattening their organizational charts and empowering their employees to make decisions and drive innovation. The shift towards remote work has also made it possible for companies to tap into a global talent pool, leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Additionally, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of cross-functional collaboration, leading to the creation of more cross-functional teams and breaking down departmental silos. These structural changes are aimed at improving efficiency, promoting innovation, and better serving the needs of customers.

The start of 2023 has been no different for Kinguin with the arrival of numerous new team members and important changes to departmental operations. For an organization like Kinguin, having nearly 300 employees, such changes occur every few years. We spoke to Viktor, our Founder about this new structure and overall direction of the company in 2023. 

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, Founder of Kinguin said:

I am thrilled to announce that Robert Kalbarczyk will continue to serve as our CEO until the end of July 2023 and I am also proud to welcome Adam Gruda as our new Chief Operations Officer (COO). This marks a new chapter in our company’s growth, and we are confident that our renewed leadership will drive us towards continued success.

At Kinguin, our mission has always been to make gaming accessible and inclusive for everyone. Our vision is to become the world’s most open digital entertainment playground, and we are proud to be leading the charge in making that vision a reality. Our values of impact, care, and passion are at the heart of everything we do, and I am proud to say that our team embodies these values every day.

With Robert and Adam at the helm, I am confident that we will continue to execute our mission with passion, care and impact. Their dedication to our company and our customers is unparalleled, and I have no doubt that their leadership will be instrumental in our continued success.

Starting February 1st, we are also introducing a new company structure, as outlined in the attached chart. This new structure will allow us to more effectively execute our mission and continue to grow as a company.

In closing, I want to express my deep gratitude for all of our Kinguiners and for the tremendous impact you have had on our company. I am confident that, together, we will continue to make gaming accessible and inclusive for everyone, and I look forward to what the future holds for Kinguin.

Best regards,

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, Founder of Kinguin

Changing with the Times – How Kinguin has Leveraged Growth Tactics to Become an Industry Leader

Changing with the Times – How Kinguin has Leveraged Growth Tactics to Become an Industry Leader


Kinguin has evolved, diversified and adapted to the ever changing economy as it celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023. Business evolution is an ever changing challenge, and the company has managed to master its methods in keeping up with the current times. Łukasz Piechowski, Chief Business Support Officer, has worked alongside Kinguin for the last few years, and has led the company into a new era of growth. His team are the masterminds behind some of Kinguin’s flagship projects that have led to tremendous growth. 

We spoke to Łukasz about how his team has had to adapt over the last few years, potential growth points and how he goes about his role and responsibilities at Kinguin. 

Łukasz started working with Kinguin almost 5 years ago, and has seen the company grow and change many times over his career. Originally, he hadn’t worked in the gaming and ecommerce industry, but with a passion of playing games and being a completionist. He grew a habit of finishing things through to the end, no matter how difficult and complex they are. He began his cooperation with Kinguin working on the Kinguin Esports Lounge (KEL), where he oversaw the development, design, finance and all other logistical aspects of the project. The KEL is one of Kinguin’s oldest ventures, and has been self-sufficient since its inception – including during the global pandemic. 

Over the last few years, the business support team at Kinguin has grown into a bigger organism inside the organisation. The goal is to make Kinguin grow quickly, sustainably and in new directions. The team is experienced in all tools of the trade, from vendor management and compliance, to the implementation of payment solutions.These areas are of great importance to Kinguin, with the payments team, one of the fastest growing units, plays an important part in Kinguin’s roadmap to deliver customers and merchants more tailored solutions. If Kinguin has introduced a solution, Łukasz’s teams have most likely been involved. In a similar fashion to bamboo, each project has to grow from the ground up, ensuring the foundation is as secure as possible being key for fast growth.

Growth hacking is a term defining the rapid growth of a company, that isn’t taken lightly at Kinguin, and can be seen in full force when looking at the organisation’s growth. Engineering creativity, data and the required technology and tools to each project ensure a tailored solution to each and every challenge. A great example of this is the transformation of the business intelligence department, now renamed to Data and Analytics. The first step was creating a data warehouse, and enforcing company-wide infrastructure that would be able to manage a high load of data simultaneously. From this, tools were then utilised to ensure Kinguin could extract and analyse the integrated data flow and gain significant learnings to increase growth. 

Looking deeper into this growth, a new tool that has emerged and taken the world by force, is AI. It makes data analysis faster, more efficient, and grants Kinguin to produce accurate and detailed business forecasts. Implementing this, will also assist the company in being more agile and efficient. When the global pandemic gripped every industry worldwide a few years ago, Kinguin had to adapt quickly. Having this newfound corporate agility, the company was able to face the times head on. This flexibility allowed Kinguin to expand into a variety of internal improvements, including new training programs and expanded wellbeing schemes for employees. These had lasting effects on the overall company culture and workplace happiness whilst also succeeding in overcoming the business challenge.

Kinguin identifies areas of improvement and actions them with a tailor made solution. The business support team’s goal when approaching one of these areas is to, rather than find the locked door, look for a window. When this window of opportunity doesn’t exist, one needs to be created through innovation. These gaps are found through data analysis, compliance analysing framework of legal and operational compliance across all the regions we operate in, that has not only made them easier to locate, but easier to take action against as well. 

Kinguin is already a visionary leader, but to take that next step, the company needs to face each and every challenge with the right attitude and the right people. Shifting away from looking over project management, the company is focused on continuous growth and through that, an expansion of its workforce is required. It’s an ongoing process of implementing these changes, and with this wide array of people tackling this challenge, the variety of skills and experience in the team help make it a seamless process. There is a massive demand for change management solutions within the business that are required due to the company’s rapid growth, and Kinguin aims to meet this demand through a capable and burgeoning team of experienced project managers.

10 years ago, Kinguin took the first step into the unknown and kick-started the industry. The fact that the company is a pioneer in the field, shows that these transformations have lasting effects not only on the business, but for our customers as well. 

The gaming industry is expanding rapidly, and innovations are cropping up constantly, meaning Kinguin need to keep digging and navigating into uncharted territory to stay ahead. Innovation is key, and with Kinguin’s ingenuity and goal driven mindset, we are focused on the future.