Slide Dear Kinguiners,

It's this special time of the year.
The time when everyone should rejoice, drink some eggnog,
watch Home Alone and enjoy a snowball fight.

We can't make it snow, but we still can do something nice!

We prepared a gift for everyone,
filled to the brim with delicious treats.

There are four boxes to choose from,
so pick the one to your taste.

Have fantastic Holidays

Your friends at Kinguin
Choose your Gift:
Liquor Gift Box

 J.A. Baczewski vodka prepared for based on the original, pre-war recipe from three times distilled potato spirit (0.5l)

Christmas milk chocolate locomotive

Caramelized peanuts

Apricots in chocolate

Mix of winter caramels – spicy and cranberry

Court Gift Box

Component Trójniak mead (0.5l)

A bar of chocolate with fruit 

A can of milk-based spicy gingerbread, white and dark chocolate

Sesame cubes

Almonds in milk chocolate and cinnamon

Snowflake Gift Box

 Spanish Nominum Tinto red wine DOWN. La Mancha

Glazed gingerbread cookies 

Assortment of French chocolate truffles 

Banana chips

Marzipan balls with chocolate 

Nougats with dried fruits

Tea Time Box

300 ml porcelain mug from factory in Ćmielów

Plain chocolate flakes with sea salt

Aromatic winter tea with spices

A can of English caramels

Mini milk chocolate bars with 47% content

Cocoa from Venezuela

Butter cookies with chocolate and orange zest

A chocolate cigar