Traditional e-commerce is ripe for disruption. 

The way today’s e-commerce works will change dramatically in the following years.I believe the way forward is a combination of a Free Economy along with a Personalized Premium Economy. Users are able to participate in basic great gaming experiences without having to make a purchase. 

The companies that are able to deliver FREE value while engaging the customer with highly convenient ecosystems.


Under the new Kinguin economy, we have introduced a free currency called “Ninja Krowns” (NJK). Ninja Krowns are virtual currency, whereas the Kinguin Krowns are a cryptocurrency. Ninja Krowns exist only in Kinguin ecosystem. Krowns, on the other hand, are stored on the blockchain and can be exchanged for other currency via crypto exchanges.

With Ninja Krowns, our customers are able to collect a specific amount every day for free by visiting the website and clicking on the currency symbol to collect. The collected Ninja Krowns can then be spent every weekend on free games provided by Kinguin and its partners.

By enabling a Free Economy layer, Kinguin is suddenly  on par with Free-to-Play game publishers. Our e-commerce expertise is then leveraged to maximize conversions from the Free Economy to different levels of the Personalized Premium Economy.

We estimate that more than 1 million users will use  the Ninja Krowns free currency by the end of 2019. Out of these users, approximately 25% will become part of Kinguin’s  Personalized Premium Economy.

Kinguin’s Personalized Premium Economy will continue to operate on the premise of selling video games, in-game content and services to its users. What will  evolve is the range of these products and services and omnichannel distribution.