HelpBots Take Over LiveChat so We Can Help You 5x Faster

HelpBots Take Over LiveChat so We Can Help You 5x Faster

Our HelpBots will take over all LiveChat duties, starting on June 1. This will let our Customer Support focus their efforts on answering your tickets, speeding up the response time five-fold!

After a period of testing back in April, we have collected your feedback and improved our HelpBots accordingly. Now we’re ready to hand LiveChat to them entirely, so they can answer your basic questions and solve minor problems. Of course, our carbon-based assistants will still be active and working 24/7 on responding to your tickets.

During our test run we’ve calculated that with HelpBots on LiveChat, we are able to answer your tickets 5x faster, or more!

Since the ticket system is already where most of our users go to report an issue, we’ve decided that focusing on it is the logical solution. The majority of you have always preferred this method of communication, so it’s where you’ll get our full attention.

Evolution never ends!

Putting HelpBots on LiveChat doesn’t mean that they get 100% control. The channel will still be supervised by our team and constantly upgraded. All your feedback will be taken into consideration.

We hope we’ll surprise you with just how much smoother our tickets work in this new environment!