Kinguin Levels Up Buyer Protection for Customers

Kinguin Levels Up Buyer Protection for Customers

Improved program features VIP service and faster refunds

Kinguin’s award-winning customer service just added new features to the marketplace’s Buyer Protection program. Customers who choose to secure their orders with Kinguin Buyer Protection not only get prioritized service, but are also eligible for a faster refund.

Kinguin Buyer Protection (KBP) is an optional service that guarantees customers VIP service from Kinguin Customer Service. This means that customers purchasing KBP always get first priority with Kinguin’s 24/7 Customer Service. Additional benefits include a 100% money back guarantee for any Random Games purchases that the customer already owns, as well as instant refunds.

“Kinguin Buyer Protection is like a first-class upgrade for customers,” said Kinguin Chief Customer Officer, Adam Gruda. “It puts customers first in line for our award-winning customer support and gives them the confidence they want in order to have a great shopping experience.”

In order to protect both merchants and consumers, Kinguin’s standard refund procedure requires the customer to wait in the support queue, and then provide a proof of a failed activation attempt. If the request is approved, the merchant who sold the item is notified. It is that merchant’s choice whether to request any additional proof, offer a refund, or provide a replacement key. Consequently, the refund process may take some time, often a couple of days.

Kinguin Buyer Protection allows customers to skip steps. Customer Service answers the ticket out of turn — as soon as possible, asking only to provide a proof of attempted activation. If this requirement is met and there is no need for any additional information from the seller, the amount may be transferred back to the user’s Kinguin account in eurBalance immediately. Instant refund applies to products up to €30.

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