from the founder

Hello everyone!
My name is Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, the Founder CEO of Kinguin and I, along with my team, am   responsible for Kinguin’s Krowns roadmap. While whitepapers and roadmaps are typically written by outside experts not involved in the day to day business of the company, I felt it was critical to write this roadmap myself. Ultimately, I am responsible when it comes to delivering value on your up-to-date Krowns purchases.

Our Mission

“Help gamers enjoy every game, by building platforms, services and locations that support the free economy and personal rights of gamers.”

Our Vision

“We believe that everyone should have access to great gaming experiences.”

Since we successfully executed our ICO last year (April 2018), the blockchain industry has undergone major changes. Most notably, we saw a major decline in most cryptocurrencies, known as the crypto winter. 

Krowns still here because Kinguin was an already existing business with healthy foundations. We have followed our vision and mission and continue to deliver on our mission statement.

In addition to the shifting landscape of blockchain, our core video gaming industry has also evolved, specifically when it comes to  free-to-play economies and services. Every gamer wants immediate and free access to great gaming experiences. We are well positioned to serve the evolving needs of our customers.

Our main goal is to make the move to blockchain seamless for our customers. The original idea behind Krowns is to make the marketplace more friendly, open, and add features possible only with block chain. At the same time, we believe that Krowns and crypto solutions can work perfectly outside of the Kinguin marketplace. Eventually, Krowns are introduced as a payment method at our cutting- edge gaming venues globally. We will be expanding Krowns from marketplaces to our new business sector like;

  • Kinguin venues are a network of cutting-edge venues located across Europe, designed to bring a top-quality gaming experience to grassroots gamers and enable the everyday gamer to practice like a pro. Alongside providing top-level gaming equipment, the venues will offer a space for tournaments, esports events, meetings with esports teams, bootcamps, private parties, and more. We will add Krowns as major currency flow within these arenas. Kinguin Arenas are currently being established in Greece, Poland and Turkey.
  • We will allow our merchants to use Krowns as a payment method when making wholesale key purchases via our API on their 3rd party websites. Currently, 20% of Kinguin revenue comes from wholesale. Merchants will have many options to benefit from buying with Krowns.ations planned for 2019.